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What is digital Marketing?

Digital marketing is a platform where we sell the product and services online.
In Digital marketing we use
A) Content Marketing
B) Search Engine Marketing
C) E-mail Marketing
E) Social Media Marketing and Mobile Marketing 

To drive customer in order to sell the product and services.

What is content Marketing?

Content Marketing is attracting a stranger through interesting and knowledgeable content into your site and converting them into
your customer.
Content Marketing can be divided in four stages.
3)Close and
Attracting is where you offer something free, interesting and knowledgeable in order to bring a stranger to your site.

After this you need to focus on content, content and content, like in movie we want entertainment, entertainment and…

Here you need to build a relationship to the stranger through the relevant content so that he/she became a Visitor to your site.
Then the second stage comes Converting the Visitor into a Lead. Here you collect the contact information of the visitor through a sign up forum.

In this phase you may offer something free in order to barter their Email id or phone number. Generally Free reports, free e books, discount coupons are offered to get the contact information.

Then your lead nurture works begun. You need to Gain trust of the person through providing him the relevant information and make her/him ready to offer a product. Then here comes the Close Time, here you sell a product to the lead and make him/her your Customer.

Fourth phase is Delight and is the extra benefits we get from the customer satisfaction on our product.
It’s like using their testimonials to increase the audience engagement. Or asking them to refer the product or service.

What is E-mail Marketing?

Email Marketing is the process of nurturing the lead into a potential customer and selling a product to him/her. You have to Gain trust of the lead through relevant content with the help of e-mail. And finally selling the product you want to offer.

Normally 5 to 7 emails in a month is sufficient to convert the lead into a customer.

What is Search Engine Marketing?

Reaching the right audience with the help of paid search engine campaign. Google ad word is used in SEM. You buy the keyword you want to show up in Google top ad section.
Google key word Planner is used in finding the keyword and start the campaign.
The campaign cost and duration depends mostly on the content relevancy with the keyword you are using in the ad word keyword planner.

What is SEO? And why this is required?

Search Engine Optimization is the way to get indexed by these search engine and show your site in the first page of search result.
This is required to get the unpaid, or organic traffic to your site. And it helps your site rank higher in search engine. SEO can be mainly achieved by

a) Focusing on content relevancy.
b) Choosing the right Keyword.
c) Having the right density of Keyword 1 to 2.5%
d) Complete Meta Description with the keyword (90 to 150 words)(Search term Preview shown in the Search Engine)
e) Key word in the title Tag.
f) Putting the Keyword on the image.
g) Flesh Reading Score More than 60%.
h) Less passive voice (less than 10%)
i) Sentences should be not too long.(Should not exceed 20 words)(less than 25%)
J) Title heading length should be 30 to 40 words
k) Relevant External and internal links presents and the
L) Number of quality Back-link.

What is Social Media Marketing?

Social media marketing is like the content marketing. Only the difference is that in social media we get the Specific audience
grouped in the relevant online community in that social media platform.
Here we use visually attractive and catchy head line to bring the traffic.


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