Thursday, February 09, 2023

Training Course

Whom we provide training?We do not admit direct into training, since all our training modules are advanced and practical project oriented. We conduct a mock interview and screening session with the candidates before providing training. The technology we are working is the most developed and requires skilled graduates and engineers all the time. Most of our candidates find better career after our structured training and proven approach.Key features of our training:

  • 100% Practical Training
  • Training targeting Industrial requirement
  • All courses are integrated with advanced technologies and contents.
  • Training by experienced professionals
  • Limited numbers
  • Individual attention
  • Focus on improving logic
  • Project Oriented Training
  • Guidance and Assistance
  • No threat of missing the classes
  • Complete tutorials

Virtual Class Room TrainingOnline course is mainly designed to support our clients and customers located globally. To share the knowledge and train our developing engineers into the project. Also, we train selected or very minimal number of competitive graduates and young engineers whom we believe they could contribute to the business.Interactive Class Room TrainingOur Interactive course is mainly designed to give in-house training and customer staffs. Due to increasing demand on our training request we extended the program to provide service to other corporate customers. Since all our trainers are experts and professionals, we request to book the course in advance.

  • Experts and professional trainers.
  • Practical and project oriented training.
  • One to one laptop allocation.
  • Booklets and training materials.
  • Tutorials/contents/Softwares in media format.
  • After training support.
  • Friendly environment to clarify questions.
  • Group Discussion and Interactive sessions.

Computer Aided Engineering


The course content is specially designed comprehensively for specialization or consultant level. We do provide training in specific modules under 1-to-1 basis, interactive class room.

Computer Aided Design Course


This course addresses the Mechanical/Aerospace  engineers who are not specialized in Design but need to use to create  new product. Students completing the program will be conversant with the Design methodology.

Quality and Management Course


AMSI Academy offers customized six sigma training which apposite to the growing needs of the various sectors (Manufacturing, Pharma, and Service etc.) in market.

Aerospace Analysis Course


• Aerospace Principles • Aero structures and Engine • Load Derivation and Requirement • Structural Stiffness & Stress Analysis

Graphics and Animation Course


The course content is designed comprehensively for specialization or consultant level. We do provide training in specific modules under 1-to-1 basis.

Technical Publication Course


This is an intermittent opportunity for both fresher and experienced graduates who are awaiting an opportunity to work in the aerospace field or multi-national co-corporate companies.

Software Technical Writing


This program will also introduce you to variety of media and formats. You will learn about the different writing standards for websites, emails, proposals and technical instructions.

Pipe Stress Analysis Course


• Loading types and Calculations • Pipe Support Span Calculations • Stress and Fatigue Failure Analysis • Thermal Analysis Reinforcement Calculations • Hydraulic Design • Piping Codes

Digital Promotion Course


AMSI Academy conducts Digital promotion training program for selected candidates.This industry requires enormous professionals with good marketing knowledge and English

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